Financial Planning Process with an Independent Financial Adviser


Traditionally, most Malaysians tend to seek specific product advice from agents or consultants who represent banks, insurance or unit trust companies. When the advice is given by the representative of the particular financial product provider, the question arises whether the solution we get is the best value solution in the market. Moreover, is the advice unbiased and taken into consideration the total context of your finances.

In, we believe that everyone can make a better financial decision and have better control of their finances if they have given unbiased financial information and advice. We created aiming to connect every Malaysian to a professional & licensed Independent financial adviser.

Instead of trying to sell a product, an independent financial adviser has to be licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia, Security Commission and FIMM, the have the fiduciary duty to advice at your best financial interest.  To do that, they will have to go through a process understand every client’s unique situation before dispensing any specific advice.

[1] Start your journey – get connected

  • Get an understanding of what advice you are looking for.
  • Have a rough understanding of your present financial position.
  • Connect you to a suitable financial adviser

To make the first meeting efficient, we will need you to complete a comprehensive, but concise questionnaire that summarizes your present financial position. We will communicate via all these email and phone call.

[2] A Discovery session with your Adviser

  • Understand your financial goals & concern.
  • Identify a list of priorities that form the basis of our advice.
  • Discuss each important financial moves during your life stage.
  • Discuss your current strategy and plan.
  • Discuss possible strategies and product solutions that can enhance your current plan.
  • Give you a clear understanding of how we could work together ( Level of advice, fee structure, and ongoing support).
  • If you are ready to progress with our advice, we will proceed to work the plan out in detail. We will also send you a ‘plan summary’ by email.

Level of advice:
1. Full Financial Planning – Planning that covers all area of your finances.
2. Module advice – Advice that addresses your specific needs, like investment, insurance, will, and trust.

[3] Create your strategy & independently source for solutions

  • Adviser will email you a draft of your plan strategy summary.
  • Once you approve the plan, your adviser will start working on detail solution.
  • The adviser will source for solutions across different company independently to identify the most suitable and best value solution.

Proposal Presentation: 
– Summarize key objectives of your plan.
– Discuss measures and strategies to achieve your goals.
– If there is product recommendation, it will be supported by unbiased comparison.
– Tweak the strategies and solution

[4] Take Action – Implementing your plan

Without implementation, your plan is just another list of good ideas. After you digested and convinced with the recommendations. We can proceed to implement the plan.

The adviser can assist you to implement most of the solution, such as setting up investments accounts, getting insurances plan and creating a will or trust. However, where the assistance of another professional is required, such as specific tax advice, we will work with the relevant professional to ensure implementation is as straightforward and seamless as possible.

[5] Ongoing Review & Monitoring

Monitor change in your personal circumstances, markets situation or legislation. Assist you to confidently navigate change and make it work for you as best as possible.

  • Ongoing plan review to ensure your plan remains on track.
  • Ongoing investment advice, re-balancing & restructuring.
  • Ongoing markets situation update and education.
  • Solution update if there is better a solution available.


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